About us

As a UK published author, I love the idea of publicity; the most credible marketing is for someone other than you to write about what you do and how you do it. Every business owner would relish the idea of press writing about their business model, but the reality is that the costs are just too expensive.  A relatively new concept, we understand the financial constraints that small businesses have, so consider us to be a way to tap into a voice, other than yourself, to promote your business.

We write articles that tell a story about your life journey. The decisions you made in life that help to define who you are and what you do. Contact us if you want to feature; every article is optimised using SEO specialists and Google AMP publishing technology, maximising your article’s exposure online.


Share the magazine link to enhance your profile on professional social media landscapes such as; LinkedIn, nothing like a business editorial to raise awareness. Potential leads will have more of a connection with your business since it’s the person behind it rather than just an advert for a service or a product.

Call to action

Every editorial can have a video screen capture of your website, links to your social media pages or even a Podcast if required. Podcast productions can enhance your editorial reach and make them even more appealing on a personal basis.


Make contact with other business owners who share your passion for exposure. And offer connections that could prove valuable.

The Networking Magazine

There is a feeling of pride when someone writes an article about your business; it gives cause to share and acts as more credible publicity than a standard advert.