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A movie reel to depict the editorial on Max Reeves, actress and model.

Work in progress

Max Reeves’s story has an overwhelming desire to leave a lasting memory. She is proud of her past, makes the most of the present and has a passion for embracing …

God’s plan – Angel Grace

In the line of sight – Chris Levine

Anam Anwer-Storm in a teacup

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Graphic Designers Story

Behind every brand, there is a person. These unsung heroes often create ideas and concepts and turn them into credible stories. I managed to catch up with one such design …


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A photo used for an editorial called; Storm in a tea cup. Ana

Anam Anwer-Storm in a teacup

Brewing her own little storm in a teacup, Birmingham born and bred Anam Anwer shares her story of becoming a self-taught Photographer and Videographer. Reminiscing back to the moment she …


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Changing A Mindset

A conversation with Sidney Simpson the founder of SOS procurement. The Journey Seldomly do you meet someone so passionate about what they do for a living as Sidney Simpson. I …

CAA Properties


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robert emery musical director

Robert Emery

His passion for music and love of the arts is now the driving force behind his want and need to help aspiring new talent. Robert Emery, an award-winning musician who …